Ariel Pierre® – Chocolate Couture

Ariel Pierre® uses the finest imported Marcona Almonds from Spain. Our Chocolate is also imported from five regions around the equator. These regions producing exquisite cocoa are Anillo del Fuego, Sur del Lago, Quevedo, Chucuri and Ambanja. If your palette is not currently familiar with chocolate from these areas, we hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy some of the best chocolate available.

Chocolates by the Pound

Enjoy a full box, 1/2 or a gift assortment. Listed below are popular choices
available by mail order and online.

Macadamia Nut Bark
Almond Barks (available in dark,
milk or white Chocolate)
Fruit & Nut Bar (with almonds,
pistachios, dried cherries, cranberries,
candied ginger and apricots)
Caramallows (dark or milk chocolate)
Homemade Caramels
Caramels in Dark Chocolate
with Fleur de Sel
Rocky Roads (chocolate, homemade caramel,
marshmallow, marcona almonds)
Milk Chocolate with Pine Nuts
S’mores (graham, marshmallow dipped
in chocolate)


Crisp Bar Assortment

Crisp Rice, Praline, Coconut Lime

3-Pack (All 3 Flavors)
6 Pack (2 of each of 3 Flavors)
9 Pack (3 each of 3 Flavors)

Turkish Cremes

Orange, Raspberry, Papaya, Mint and
Pineapple. Creamy fruity filling, unlike
our jellies or truftles.It is like eating an
ice cream bar that doesn’t melt.

Chocolate~Filled Jellies

Orange, Pineapple, Black Berry, Peach,
Pear, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Raspberry

Pate de Fruit (Seasonal)

Fruit Jelly made from fresh fruit, zests & juices.
Natural flavorings. No artifical coloring.
Each box contains an assortment of 4 or 18.


Fresh Butter and Cream Truffles

Rich and delicious, Ariel Pierre truffles are produced in small batches.
Fresh butter and cream and fine French chocolate create a smooth ganach blended
with real fruits, fine liqueurs, teas and spices.
Flavors include: Raspberry, Cappucino, Gingerbread, Praline, Maple, Mint,
Mole, Truffette, Madagascar Vanilla, Dark Over Dark Chocolate with White
Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Over Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Over White Chocolate
Please inquire about special flavors when ordering.


The Bars

My Palette Chocolate Bars
Dark Chocolate
artistically hand painted
Small Garden Bars
Dark chocolate palets decorated with
Candied Violets, Mint Leaves, Rose Petals,
Mimosa and Pansies
Large Garden Bars
Dark chocolate palets decorated with
Candied Violets, Mint Leaves, Rose Petals,
Mimosa and Pansies
Portrait in Chocolate Bars
White Chocolate on Dark
Dark Chocolate on White
Dark Chocolate on Milk
or any combination
Push-Up Pops Dark
Chocolate coated
Marshmallow and Caramel


Enjoy Our Gift Assortments

Elegantly arranged to suit your gift-giving needs, Ariel Pierre’s will customize the finest selection for your palette!
Prices available per your desire.
Our palette of delicious choices will continue to grow.
Please call or email for updates to our selection and seasonal specials.