Rave Reviews

I use Prittie Nuts chocolate and nut combinations to spoil people I especially enjoy. The quality is outstanding, and the feedback I receive is always enthusiastic. Simply delicious!!!!!!!

David G. Brown
The Brown – Forsman Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

You are incredibly talented, and that your passion for discovering and perfecting the art of chocolatiering is admirable and deliciously welcome! The personalized attention to detail on the delectable chocolate morsels perfectly suited the theme of our Bella Voce Opera Gala;  the customized labeling and the beautiful musically-themed chocolates themselves brought a touch of elegance and class that was noticed by all attending.

As a savory snack, the sumptuous marcona almonds, exquisitely seasoned with herbs de provence, provided an enticing and piquant bite, and was a very fashionable bar treat.  I would enthusiastically recommend Ariel Pierre Chocolates and Prittie Nuts to anyone with taste buds.

Susie Hellman
St. Petersburg Opera Co.

Maggie, the chocolates were excellent. To bad I left early and never had a  chance to try all the other wonderful things you brought to the wedding. I hope the holiday season will be a great start into a new business. Your website looks amazing!

Doris Goldman

Maggie Prittie is a master at blending diverse globally-influenced flavors to create unique, and very delicious, treats!

Scott and Heather Peisner

Chocolate for your dreams… in flavors for your imagination! Gingerbread… Capuccino… Mmmmm…. Your tastebuds will never be the same!

Tom McCandless
President of St Petersburg Opera Co.

Prittie Nuts is an absolute gem!  Maggie has searched high and low to find the most exquisite chocolates, and the range is just perfect.  You want a balanced sweetness that’s rich and silky?  She’s got it.  You like a super dark chocolate that showcases bitterness and intensity without sacrificing a creamy texture?  She’s got that too.  Her confections are masterpieces, from mouth-watering fillings enrobed in premium chocolate to confections for the purist (unadulterated chocolate).  These are some of the finest chocolates I have ever found, from Europe to New York City.

Stephanie Gray Gonthier
Chief Operating Officer – The Florida Orchestra

Nuts to savor… in aromas… in texture… in flavors… bursting with fine roasted seasonings. They are like a fine wine… with a delectable aftertaste to boot!

Patsie McCandless